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About Polyurethane
We are the Leading Supplier of Polyurethane Mouldings- both interior mouldings and exterior mouldings. Our high quality PU is used in architectural products as well as decorative moldings, for balusters, railings, blocks, brackets, gingerbreads, columns, keystones, arches, louvres, medallions, niches, and much much more!

provides high density polyurethane (HDP) which provides many benefits such as:
  • Excellent light weight alternative to GFRG, GFRC, FRP, and even traditional wood products.
  • HDP products offer ease of installation using common woodworking tools and equipment which in turn save labour costs and machinery rentals.
  • Polyurethane has a closed cell structure which provides protection from moisture and therefore will not rot. Further, the closed cell structure prevents paint from peeling from the surface.
  • HDP products provide no nutritional value and as such also resist the growth of mildew and fungus.
  • Products are not affected by ultraviolet rays when properly coated.
Trinity only offers the highest quality products guaranteed to last- with the highest durability, versatility and value for any project.

We carry INDOOR and INDOOR/OUTDOOR grade polyurethane products.
Our Indoor grade are less dense, have one layer of primer and are not as durable as the Indoor/Outdoor grade. There is a price difference of around 40% between the two products.
Our Indoor/Outdoor Grade Polyuretyhane has many benefits. Being a far more dense polyurethane, it is more durable and will last in harsh weather conditions. It is double-primed, andis formulated for use with PL Premium Construction Adhesive, a commonly used adhesive. 

We supply Spectis products, which are made with a polyurethane with an overall density similar to white pine at 14 to 18 pounds per cubic foot. The Spectis process provides a greater skin denisty than core density for increased durability.

The products are manufactured with a white or beige colour coating, with a primer finish. The combination of the integral shell-like skin, the barrier coat and the primer top coat provides the highest quality substrate for durable finishes.

Ultra Violet rays do not affect properly coated products.

The compressive strength of polyurethane products falls within the 800-900 P.S.I. Range.*

The tensile strength falls within the 550-650 P.S.I. range.*

The Spectis products have a closed cell membrane, which provides protection from most solvents and renders it almost completely hydrophobic. It will not rot!

As well, Spectis products resist the growth of mildew and fungus.
*Note: these products are not intended for structural use.
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